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What do you read when you need a change of scenery?

Psst! We just released deleted scenes from the His Fair Assassin series on facebook! Happy reading!

Katherine Applegate has teamed up with artist G. Brian Karas for a new picture book that tells the true story of Ivan, the beloved gorilla who inspired Newbery Medal winning The One and Only Ivan. Join us in celebrating Ivan’s life and legacy by submitting your own stories and pictures to our We Love Ivan board: http://bit.ly/1nLZmzN

Just read the book!

We love that this is our job description.


Just read the book!

We love that this is our job description.

A perfect introduction to animal rights and welfare.

For Zac, survival is a numbers game. Like this post if you’re excited to read ZAC & MIA when it hits stores next Tuesday!

As Zac fights leukemia, he obsesses about survival statistics and fantasizes about Emma Watson. Until he meets Mia, the beautiful girl in the hospital room next door.

ZAC & MIA by A. J. Betts is a new YA novel that’s a lot about love (and a little about cancer). Find it in stores next Tuesday!

Join us in celebrating one year on The New York Times Bestseller List! Congrats to Lois Lowry!

The Giver is in theaters! Share this post if you’re going to see it this weekend!

Introducing… UNDERTOW! A new YA trilogy by best-selling author Michael Buckley. Make sure you follow along on facebook for UNDERTOW updates before its release date next Spring: http://on.fb.me/1sUbvWw! In the meantime, enjoy the beach while you still can…

The Giver is only 4 days away! Are you planning to see it in theaters?

We asked SNIFFER DOGS author, Nancy Castaldo, to share a few images that didn’t make it into the final book. Hear from Nancy, below, about these outtakes!

Photo 1: Final cover image

Photo 2: My doggie pal, Buford, is a real go-getter. He can find ANYONE. He’s a bloodhound – a super –sniffing, bloodhound with lots of wrinkles to help him gather scents. This photo didn’t make it into Sniffer Dogs, but it is one of my favorites! It shows Buford in motion! Talk about dog drool. I was covered in it after my time with him!

Photo 3: While photographing dogs for Sniffer Dogs I had the opportunity to take photos for the Search Dog Foundation’s Iron Dog Competition that was held in Albany, NY. Search and rescue teams come from all over the country to this competition, which is really a training opportunity for the dogs and their handlers. It’s amazing to watch these dogs in action. For them, it’s just another day at work.  I got to know so many of the teams that any time a disaster hit in the US I scanned the lists to see if any of the dogs and handlers I had met were taking part in the search efforts. Talk about thinking globally. Knowing these dogs and their handlers brought all of these emergencies a little closer to home. In addition to becoming increasingly more impressed with the skills of these working canines, it surely makes the world a whole lot smaller.

Go ahead, hit snooze and read one more chapter this morning. We won’t tell anyone.

We can’t wait! Are you excited for The Giver movie?


Seize your dreams. The Giver premieres August 15.